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Lovin’ A Southwest Michigan Wedding

March 5th, 2011 · No Comments

I spent this past weekend in Chicago and as a wedding professional my mind never wanders far from “the world of wedding”. I found myself checking out details like banquet hall carpets, hotel wedding ads, and even rehearsal ideas. And thanks to my clever girlfriends I even scored some free Chicago wedding magazines. So on the train ride back to beautiful St. Joseph I buried my face in the glamour of a big city wedding. As I soaked in all the glitter and glitz I began to wonder why anyone forgoes the plethora of options Chicago has to offer and settles in our quaint little beach town for their nuptials.

Well, since I was sequestered on a train for the next two hours I decided to make a list. And here is what I came up with….

Top 10 Reasons SW MI Beats a Big City:
10. The reason I am on a train in the first place: traffic. I realize if you are in a limo drinking champagne this isn’t a big concern. But be kind to your guests! In our little town you can find all you need for a great wedding weekend within walking distance.

9. Privacy. This may seem a little odd when considering a wedding but think about those crazy locations you want pics taken – who wants stragglers in the background? And there aren’t a million other things going on in town to bust up your day.

8. Personal Attention. The Veranda hosts about 40 weddings per year. We know who you are, we remember your details, and you are treated as a VIP from start to finish, regardless of how much money you are spending on your wedding. And this is the practice of most vendors we work with. That’s how we do it in small towns!

7. Variety. Now, this may seem counter intuitive, but southwest Michigan actually offers a wide variety of wedding services. As I looked through the Chicago magazines I saw ad after ad for hotel receptions and traditional banquet halls. They are no doubt beautiful, but all similar in style. The top venues in our area include the beautiful outdoor Veranda (of course), a beachside hall/carousel, and a barn, among a host of other non-traditional locales.

6. If you are a gambler, you can place your bets on the fact that you won’t have the same wedding as your girlfriends, your cousin, your neighbor, etc. The mini-destination wedding to Southwest Michigan, while growing in popularity, has yet to become “the it thing”. It’s your chance to be the trendsetter and treat guests to a wedding that won’t blend into the 14 others they will attend this year.

Ok, let’s insert a quick break here…..give you some time to fully appreciate these 6 gems and we’ll post the top 5 reasons we are lovin’ a Southwest Michigan wedding next week.

Stay warm & Stay Tuned!

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